Murdotec® 1000 U black AST

Ultra-high molecular polyethylene (UHMW-PE)

Uncompromising recycling of UHMW-PE. Murdotec® 1000 U black AST is our antistatic sustainable plastic. All leftovers and chippings of our Murdotec® 1000 black AST are fed back into the material cycle to increase the sustainability of our products. With Murdotec® 1000 U black AST, we offer an economical alternative to pure UHMW-PE.

This environmentally friendly plastic is characterised by good slide properties and wear resistance, making it a first-class alternative for machine components and belt guides.


  • Good wear resistance
  • Good slide properties
  • Good shock and impact resistance
  • Antistatic


  • Transport and conveyor technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chain and belt guides
  • Forest-based industry

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Murdotec® 1000 U black AST

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Murdotec® 1000 black AST

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Due to its molecular structure, polyethylene is extremely suitable for the recycling of chippings and off-cuts. The sorting accuracy and high level of grinding have a significant effect on quality. For this reason, we sort materials that are suitable for recycling and store them separately. Only material types of the same quality may be mixed together. This prevents mixed types being produced that keep appearing on the market yet cannot be identified.

And we go even further:
A certain amount of new material is added to each batch on our mixing lines.
With Murdotec® 1000 U, you can be sure that you will receive a material made from UHMW-PE base material of the highest quality.

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Our semi-finished product formats

In addition to the tried-and-tested standard dimension of 4080 x 2005 mm, Murdotec® plastics also produces XXL formats measuring 6100 x 2505 mm. All sheet formats are available ex-stock.


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