Bulk goods and mining industries

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Bulk goods and mining industries

Bulks goods and mining industries

Reduced cleaning efforts due to optimal material flow

Many areas of industrial production work with large quantities of raw materials that are stored as bulk material in silos or bunkers. Highly abrasive material such as sand, coal or ores in the area of bulk material handling can cause severe damage. Linings made of different materials – matched to the respective bulk material – protect and optimise the sliding process in their application. The right lining prevents sticking to the silo walls and bridging during material discharge. Our comprehensive product range offers you the right material for every application.

But which lining material is best suited, for example, for sticking bulk materials or bulk materials that are difficult to discharge? A long-standing partner of Murdotec supplied his customer with our tried and tested UHMW-PE Dialen® lining and achieved excellent results with it. Here is his experience report:

"In a coal mining in Borneo, Indonesia, we supplied our customer with 20 mm thick Dialen® sheets.

The application – conveyor chute in coal mining

The material passing through the conveyor is the coal deposit from the tailings container, which has been processed in the filter press machine so that the water content is very low. The coal material is now almost solid.

The material that is now conveyed further is wet and sticky. When it hits the Dialen® liner in the transport shaft, the impact wear is significantly reduced and the sticking of the conveyed coal is reduced to a minimum.

The use of the Dialen® lining has resulted in a massive improvement, which is reflected in reduced energy costs, reduced downtime and reduced maintenance work on the conveyor.

The machines run trouble-free for long periods of time without interrupting material conveying. Overall, the end customer is very satisfied and pleased that they have been able to solve the problem of build-up and run the machines more efficiently with Dialen® from Murdotec."

The benefits at a glance

  • No material flow failures
  • No bridging
  • No sticking
  • Reduced maintenance (hardly any residue)
  • Great slide properties
  • Low energy requirement

Other suitable types of Murdotec® plastics

Smooth material flow, thanks to Dialen®

Material flow failures, like funnel flow and bridging in bunkers, silos and hoppers as well as sticking in chutes leads to reduced unit output and in extreme cases to material standstill. Material flow failures in bulk material processing plants mainly occur due to the following factors:

  • Wall friction angle is too steep
  • Adhesion/sticking
  • Increased friction due to corrosion

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