Murdotec Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Dortmund: Die Philosopie unseres Unternehmens

Murdotec Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG

Our Company Philosophy

Quality throughout all processes

There’s no exception to quality. Murdotec applies the highest of quality standards in its dealings with customers and handling of processes. That means that our semi-finished products constitute an outstanding foundation for the quality of your finished parts.. The question of whether you need technical or food-safe plastics will only play a role when it’s necessary to supply product qualities that satisfy clearly defined guidelines. We’re further able to put our extensive expertise, our innovative strength, short-term ability to deliver and not least the willingness to work together at our customers’ disposal.

We are additionally able to guarantee consistently high standards of quality – standards that are monitored around the clock with the help of an in-house inspection and quality system.

Quality is also defined by innovations. Development lies at the core of the work that our experienced specialists from the fields of machine construction and plant engineering do and they cooperate closely with the region’s technical colleges and universities to realize them. In our laboratories, we test what we will later produce on our presses. Special additives, modifiers, and colours are all subjected to diverse tests before being used in series production.

Sustainability for the environment

Sustainability is an often abused term. Murdotec has decided to do a little less talking in the interests of a little more action: We’ve always collected and stored the pieces and shavings that accumulate during cutting and subsequent further processing. We then turn this material back into semi-finished products – using a specially adapted pressing cycle. It’s possible for our customers to purchase this semi-finished product from us – as clearly identified regenerated materials. That means that we produced 2,000 tonnes of Murdotec® 1000 U in 2022 out of what would otherwise be waste.

Emissions constitute another important environmental consideration: The continuous maintenance, monitoring and renewal, when necessary, of our highly technological machines guarantees that we not only meet the emission values specified for our production but also stay well below the specified limits – which is great not only for us but is also great news for you.

Targeted environmental management goes hand in hand with well-organized energy management. Continual monitoring and the detailed collection of data help us identifyinefficient energy consumers and noticeably reduce energy consumption across the company.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility

“We’re not only commercially active at the Dortmund location, we’re also socially involved in the region. We support associations and work with institutions.. This commitment helps us also develop a culture of community and of being there for each other within the company.”
Felix Tilse, CEO at Murdotec Kunststoffe

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