Murdotec® 500 black AST

High molecular polyethylene (HMW-PE) as per ISO 15527, sheet group 2.1

Murdotec® 500 black AST is our HMW-PE with antistatic properties. This material has a molecular weight of around 500,000 g/mol and is characterised by extremely good cut resistance at the same time as having good slide properties. This plastic also has high wear resistance.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art presses, this material ensures top quality, and is compliant with ATEX.


  • Good cut resistance
  • Good slide properties
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good anti-adhesion properties
  • Antistatic (compliant with ATEX)
  • Approved for use in the food industry (EU and FDA)


  • Electrical engineering
  • Machine construction
  • Food sector
  • Ram guards

Product details

Molecular weight of around 500,000 g/mol

Technical data:
Murdotec® 500 black AST

Product range:
Semi-finished products made from sheets and pre-cut parts

Also available:
Murdotec® 1000 black AST
Murdotec® 2000 black AST



Available colour

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The premium HMW-PE with a molecular weight of 500.000 g/mol is suitable for use in the food sector, due to its good wear resistance.
Murdotec® 500 has good anti-adhesion properties and good impact and shock resistance. It also has good slide properties. Murdotec® 500 is characterised by very good electrical isolation and dielectric properties (with the exception of static dissipation and conductive types). It has a good cut resistance, is approved by the FDA, and can be supplied in various RAL colours on request.

Product range

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Our semi-finished product formats

In addition to the tried-and-tested standard dimension of 4080 x 2005 mm, Murdotec® plastics also produces XXL formats measuring 6100 x 2505 mm. All sheet formats are available ex-stock.


semi-finished product formats

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