The environment and sustainability

For us, these terms aren't simply trendy concepts to be bandied about by us and the next generation – they represent our duty towards our fellow men and the environment. This is a duty that we are eager to fulfil as we bring the concepts to life through our actions.

For example, we reuse the left-over pieces and chippings produced during cutting and further processing. Such waste is collected up, sorted, stored, processed to produce new semi-finished products in a pressing cycle suitable for the type of material, and placed back into the material cycle as regenerated materials.

In addition, the ongoing maintenance, inspection, and – if required – replacement of our high-tech machines ensures that we not only keep to the emission values defined for our production but actually manage to cut them down even further.

The energy-related aspects, which are reflected in environmental management, however, are only the foundation on which the energy management is built. The continuous monitoring and the detailed collection of data shall help to identify inefficient energy consumers and considerably reduce the consumption of the entire company.

It's all in aid of creating a cleaner environment!