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Quality and diversity

At Murdotec, polyethylene takes centre stage. To make material selection easier, polyethylene is divided into groups with defined minimum requirements. These groups are given the names LD-PE, HD-PE, HMW-PE, and UHMW-PE.

The quality of a UHMW-PE as per ISO 15527 is largely guaranteed by the basic material and processing parameters. In addition, EC regulations define application limits by requiring certification as per EC Regulations 1935/2011 and 10/2011 for plastics that come into contact with foods that have not yet been packaged, for example. Our technical UHMW-PE materials Murdotec® 1000, and Murdotec® 2000, our technical HMW-PE material Murdotec® 500, and our plastics in the LM family – which are approved for use in the food industry – are even better than semi-finished products as per ISO 15527. Why?

We only use carefully selected raw materials from renowned suppliers.
The particle size, particle size distribution, and molecular weight are constantly
       monitored by our incoming material inspection team.

Our computer-controlled press lines guarantee optimum heating, pressing, and cooling down phases.
Through exact compliance with the processing parameters, we ensure a constant production
       of semi-finished products with a very low level of internal stress.

Fully-automated mixing lines allow us to supply precisely reproducible material types
       with clearly defined characteristics.

Our original materials:

Murdotec® 1000 Murdotec® 2000 Murdotec® 500


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