Plastics that are approved for use in the food industry

During food production, raw materials and foods that are ready for sale often come into contact with objects and materials made from plastic. This plastic must be suitable for use with foods. Plastic is used to make equipment and parts of systems used to manufacture food, for example. Such materials are called “food contact materials”.

No substances may be transferred from food contact materials to foods that could negatively influence the foods or impair their safety.

The generally applicable legislation is defined in Regulation EC 1935/2004 and in Regulation EC 10/2011, which has been in force since the 1st of May 2011.

The most important points:
A list of source materials (monomers) and a list of auxiliary materials (additives)
       that can be used to manufacture plastics

Migration processes based on limit values and purity specifications
Conformity declarations
Batch tracking
Manufacturing as per EC 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The new regulation requires companies to make a high investment of time, employee know-how, and capital. Murdotec has risen up to meet these challenges, and was able to conclude the required migration processes for its products that are intended for use in the food industry in August 2011. From now on, [LM] (“foods” in German) will be added to the names of these products.

Our food-safe original materials:

Murdotec® 1000 LM Murdotec® 2000 LM Murdotec® 500 LM

Comparing materials