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… The food industry

The highest hygiene and cleanliness standards apply when it comes to the manufacturing and packaging of foods. Of course, this also applies to all materials which come into contact with foods during manufacturing and packaging. “Abrasion-resistant, antibacterial, non-adherent, and food approved”. These are just some of our material properties that illustrate why our different materials are perfectly suited for the food industry.

In May 2011, Regulation EC 1935/2004 was updated, causing Regulation EC 10/2011 to be published. It imposes more stringent regulations on plastics that come into contact with foods that have not yet been packaged. The stipulations are stricter than those of the FDA regulation, which in itself was reasonably restrictive. As a result, we have subjected the following materials to a long and costly migration procedure to ensure guaranteed traceability:

Murdotec® 1000 Natural

Murdotec® 1000 AB

Murdotec® 500 Natural

Murdotec® 500 AB

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